Staying Safe When Shopping Online

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Staying Safe When Shopping Online

10/08/2023 safety UIs 0

When shopping online, it is important to take steps to protect yourself against fraud. Sadly, some of us have experienced this first-hand and now understand the importance of taking precautions for online shopping. Follow our tips to stay safe when shopping online. 

1.     Never use public Wi-Fi

It’s okay to use public Wi-Fi if you’re just browsing the internet, but never shop when connected to one. It is one of the easiest ways for identity theft to occur and instantly sets you up for disaster. Read more.

Be aware of all your electrical devices when connected to a hotspot. Any of the information sent via the internet can be picked up by strangers who understand how to. We suggest using your protected Wi-Fi at home.

2.     Use websites with HTTPS

A trusted site would have HTTPS rather than HTTP if a website solely focuses on online purchases. The added ‘S’ means that all the information being sent is secure, encrypting the data so only the intended recipient will receive the data. Find out more.

If you’re on an HTTP website, be careful of the information you share, as it may not be secure or protected. Another secure signs are a closed lock at the bottom of the screen.

Examples of trusted & reliable e-commerce websites:

There are thousands of trusted websites on the internet, but you always have to be careful who you shop with as it can have devastating effects if not carefully researched. Below is a list of trusted e-Commerce websites and retailers in the UK.

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