How to create a content plan

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How to create a content plan

20/09/2021 Content Marketing 0
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Plan better with a content plan.

When deciding to create a content plan, you will need to be aware of SEO content writing and the importance it has in developing your content plan.
Creating a plan is not as difficult as it may seem.

You will need to consider important things when creating your plan.

  • What are your short-term success expectations? – Think of the short-term goals that you want to achieve. When businesses refer to a short term time frame, they are referring to a timeframe that lasts no longer than one year.
  • What are your long-term success expectations? – Picture what your long term goals for your business will be. Long-term goals can be anything from 3 years onwards. Ideally, long-term goals can range from over one year to a lifetime.
  • Will this content be time-sensitive? – Are you creating content that has no time frameFor example, if you are writing about an upcoming event the content will not last for long periods.
  • What resources do you have? – Aside from your traditional computer and internet, do you have any other resources that can impact your ability to create content?
  • What is your budget? – Considering content is king, we would advise investing in this area by hiring an experienced SEO consultant that has experience in content marketing creation.

Start with analytics

When performing a content plan, the best way to start is by beginning with an SEO analysis.SEO analysis

While you are looking at your SEO, you should access your existing content and look at the

SEO analysis, it is important that you start by thinking of the following:

  • How does the content perform for its chosen keywords?
  • Where does it rank on the Google search page?
  • Does it convert many browsers into customers? And if it does, what is the CTR rate?
  • How long do people stay on the page?

Competitor research

When you are conducting competitor research, there are a variety of things that you should factor in.

People may think that competitor research means only looking at their content.

Instead of focusing only on their content, you should look at:

  • What are your competitors doing with their content?
  • What keywords are they using in their content?
  • What words do they use in their content? Is their content in the same writing style as yours?
  • How do they talk to their customers?
  • Where do they rank on Google?

General research

While creating your content plan, you should also conduct general research on your business.

general research

Let’s say you are a bicycle repair shop, you will benefit from looking at the general research available on your market.

Some of the most common types of general research that a business can do about its market will be about:


  • What is the internet publishing on their chosen topic?
  • What are the most asked questions on Google related to your product/service keyword?
  • What does your customer want to know about the products/services that you offer?
  • Are you answering the customers’ questions?

Touch of Creativity

However, your content marketing plan should not always be focusing on data.

You must focus on analytics and creativity equally.

Remember: you want to make your content unique and not a copy of someone else’s work.

You should always be thinking of ways how you make your content different so it stands out to customers when you are performing internet marketing campaigns. 

Measuring success

Companies will review the success of their content plan by measuring the KPIs related to the content plan.

Some of the common KPIs that a business tracks include their:

By thoroughly detailing your content plan, it will provide you with an informative content plan that will get you SEO results.

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